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S/4 HANA─Overview

S/4 HANA Business suite depends on the native HANA platform to help streamlined data models, no aggregates, no indices, and so on. It has an integrated Fiori-based UI and role-based access for various purposes. 

S/4 HANA based on advanced in-memory Platform and offers a customized Fiori-based client experience to get to role-based solution. It can be conveyed in a cloud environment or on-premise solution. There are numerous clients which are moving from SAP Business Suite to S/4 HANA and for 75% clients, it takes a normal a half year for a migration project.
SAP also offers SAP rapid-deployment project to play out a quick migration to HANA platform and to SAP Simple Finance solution. Distinctive SAP accomplices give fixed price integration to couple of clients. Customers can use the customization even after migration of the framework. Migration of SAP Business Suite to S/4 HANA is finished by execution package in the form SAP Simple Finance and SAP SimpleLogistics, and some more. 

With SAP S/4 HANA, SAP is giving another product and the up and next generation of business applications – simple enterprise software for big data and is expected to empower you to run basically in the computerized economy.

With the advanced features of SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA is intended for real-time business operations, planning, and BI analysis. Following is SAP Fiori-based UI of S/4 HANA solution, which gives role-based experience to its clients.

What Is SAP S/4HANA Finance?

What the finance organization needs to know:
SAP S/4HANA Finance is a worldwide, comprehensive finance solution. It is a total arrangement of finance, including:
• Financial planning and analysis
• Accounting and financial close
• Treasury and financial risk management
• Collaborative finance operations
• Enterprise risk and consistence management

What the IT association has to know:

SAP S/4HANA Finance is a part of SAP S/4HANA, finance was the primary territory that was improved and redesigned. It conveys development to finance through a simplified data model and customized client encounter, all while giving an entire decision of deployment in the cloud or on-premise.

What Makes It Simple?

That is a reasonable thing to ask. All things considered, finance operations are not known for simplicity. All things considered, there is a lot of chances to simplify finance software. In particular, SAP S/4HANA Finance brings simplicity through three key advancements:

From a technology point of view, SAP S/4 HANA Finance
helps achieve these Innovations thanks to a simplified
data model and personalized user experience.

Real-Time Processes

Because SAP S/4HANA Finance allows all financial operations to keep running from a typical perspective of finance data, instead of from multiple replicated copies, procedures, for example, the financial related close occur whenever all through the budgetary period. This empowers quicker understanding into the financial health of the association.
In this outline, a traditional financial close (on the left) required many tasks, each with its own batch-oriented bottlenecks, to be done toward the finish of the period. At that point, and at exactly that point, could reporting and analytics be finished?
By differentiate, a financial close empowered by SAP HANA keeps running from a single source of truth that does not require compromises, unions, or close groups. This implies revealing and analysis can happen whenever amid the period.

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